Streaming games research

Around 8 years ago we worked on a streaming games project at Ulster, which was too far ahead of the technology infrastructure for the results to be persuasive, and this year we have offered a new PhD project in the same area. As a backdrop to this research I recently completed a 3 month trial with Onlive as a […]

Journey (PS3) Complete

I completed my journey in Journey! I have looked forward to this game for months and I’m (mostly) not disappointed. My view is that its a wonderful and unique experience. I believe it is also clearly a game (as opposed to not a game!) since there are many elements of gameplay embedded within it; for […]

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) v Dear Esther

I’ve finished two games recently, “Super Mario 3D Land” (3DS) and “Dear Esther” (PC) and I felt it would worth indulging myself in a blog about them. Some say that Mario World 64 is the greatest platform game ever, some say Super Mario Bros 3. I’ve played or sampled most of the “proper” games from the Mario […]