XNA 3.0 now Live

You can now rush over to the XNA Creators club website and install XNA 3.0 – lots of nice added features and now offering us an opportunity to make money with our games. Be sure to uninstall the XNA 3.0 Beta first. Nigel is installing XNA 3.0 in our labs.

XNA, Community Games and the New Xbox Experience

Major Nelson has posted a video of an interview with XNA Community Manager Kathleen Sanders, which gives more information about how XNA’s Community Games will work with the new Xbox 360 Dashboard (known as the New Xbox Experience, or NXE for short). Xbox LIVE Community Games The main exciting points raised in this video are […]

XNA 3.0 Beta now out

What else to say, except go get it, and install on top of XNA 2.0. Don’t forget to install Visual Studio 2008 Express or the full version (which is free to our students). I’m glad that they included an upgrade function from 2.0 to 3.0 beta. Its a shame that the new media functionality doesn’t […]

XNA 3.0 Beta due soon

Rumours that this will be out this week. Dangerous Dave knows exactly when but he can’t and won’t say!! I’ll be interested in looking into the media playing functionality and the new sound effect class will make life a bit easier for learners.

Embed Flash in XNA

Flash files embedded in your XNA games for cut scenes or fancy menus? http://groups.google.com/group/fluix BTW I’ve changed my XBox gamer tag from Dentreader (which was an accident!) to WeeReepicheep (which is deliberate!!). Darryl

UUC Game Development Teams in Top 20 in the World!

Two teams of computing students from the Coleraine campus have been placed in the top 20 teams in the world in the game development section of Imagine Cup 2008 in a competition which began with over 600 team entries from across the world. The Imagine Cup is a hugely successful international competition with over 100 […]