Monster Munch: Dead Hungry Diner Demo

I spent a bit of time playing the demo from Black Market Games and really enjoyed it – you should try it out. Black Market Games are Northern Ireland based company working in Derry and are one of several small local games companies taking large strides into the games industry. InvestNI have been supportive of this […]

My Games of 2011

Here is a list of my games of the year (in no particular order). The only one that I’ve completed is Portal 2 but I’ve played enough of the others to make a judgement. I normally complete more games and although I’ve been very busy this year it isn’t the main reason for not being […]

Economic Gameplay in Virtual Worlds

Koster’s post on this topic explains the importance of balanced economics in commercial virtual worlds: Does a virtual economy affect player retention? From time to time I think about this in terms of the design of educational virtual worlds. Economics should be equally important within these worlds and it seems that this is often neglected […]

Play games to learn to program

This is an interesting read on getting into programming through games, by creating macros, scripts, and logical blocks: Of course much game playing is about planning, puzzle solving and thinking strategically, which is also very beneficial to being an effective programmer.

VS Games conference

Just back from presenting my paper at the VS Games IEEE conference in Coventry. Overall I felt that the conference was pretty successful for its first year. The keynote speakers were excellent. Alan Chalmers of Warwick talked about multi-modal sensory virtual experiences and the use of helmets fitted with all sorts of sensors – that’s […]

XNA community games

At UUC we are interested in playing the best examples of XNA community games and making our own. We have good a community of students who are developing XNA games and we have seen some quite exciting work over the last year (I must put some links to samples later). A game that we are […]