SilverFish Studios Release Fly Casting App. for iPhone

SilverFish Studios is an independent software company based within Northern Ireland. SilverFish will have been operating for 2 years come June – no mean feat in the current financial climate. They have had many ups and downs but SilverFish provides a fun working environment and the team are highly motivated, talented and supportive of each other. […]

Economic Gameplay in Virtual Worlds

Koster’s post on this topic explains the importance of balanced economics in commercial virtual worlds: Does a virtual economy affect player retention? From time to time I think about this in terms of the design of educational virtual worlds. Economics should be equally important within these worlds and it seems that this is often neglected […]

Play games to learn to program

This is an interesting read on getting into programming through games, by creating macros, scripts, and logical blocks: Of course much game playing is about planning, puzzle solving and thinking strategically, which is also very beneficial to being an effective programmer.

Games, fun and sex but not necessarily in that order!

Koster has an interesting article on his blog in relation to what fun is with respect to games. Sex comes into the discussion – are we have fun because we are learning, and if so why is sex fun? I tend to be with Koster on this debate. Fun has a lot to do […]

Negative myths of games debunked – mostly

This is an excellent article from (Henry Jenkins – MIT) – even if I only say that because it supports my own experience and instinct (plus bias!). In (crude) summary: games are not just for male children, they are social and there is very little evidence that they encourage violence among the young, except that […]