The Makings of an Xbox Live Arcade Game

Developers Chair have given a breakdown of how they created their new Xbox Live Arcade game “Undertow”, which is due out this Wednesday 21st November. The article features the following diagram showing the various assets which occupy the 50mb file size of the game.

Breakdown of Undertow XBLA game

Whilst the diagram is obviously somewhat specific to Undertow, it gives a nice idea of the structure of a retail XBLA game and how developers squeeze assets into the 50mb file size limit imposed by the current Xbox 360 memory card units.

Full article can be found here.

Games Night

Our student games competition night is coming closer – Tuesday 20th from 6pm in UUC’s Octagon. All students welcome.

We have some food organised and most of the competition details sorted. Students will have to win through 2 stages (played on large screens) to get to the final event.

  • Stage 1: A choice of four games on either the Wii, Xbox360, or PS3
  • Stage 2: Two semi-final Halo 3 competitions with 4 players in each qualification semi-final
  • Stage 3: A secret game for the play-off final

We will also have 4 other console based competitions and GameTheWorld will also attend the event to display their PC LAN games. Prizes have been arranged for all events

Also on the night we will have students available to talk about XBox 360 game development, and demonstrate our Imagine Cup winning software.