Whats your Gamer Tag?

We would like to welcome all the 1st yr Computing students to Coleraine and we thought that a good way for the new students to get to know everyone else would be to share our XBox Gamer Tags.

Please feel free to add yours!

Dr. Darryl Charles (Lecturer) is “Dentreader”

Therese McGinnis (PhD Student) is “IammeAndIamfree”

James Burke (PhD Student) is “Burkazoid”

Chris Hanna (PhD Student) is “ChrisJAH”

Games Events for Schools announced

We have two exciting events for schools this year.

  1. Our traditional annual games fair and competition.
  2. An introductory Xbox 360 game development workshop.

Both events are free and open to school and college students of age 16+. Preferably attendees will have some experience programming at school or as a hobby.

See attachment for more details.