Imagine Cup Sucess

I’m pleased to announce more Imagine Cup success for our Computing students at Coleraine.

Team R.A.N.D.O.M (yeah, I’m doubtful about the name too Smilie: :-) ) have won through to the Software Design final in Dublin in April with their social network, “adver-gaming” project. The team is comprised of:

  • Alan Turpin (mentor)
  • Chris Hanna
  • Debbie Mitchell
  • Keith Johnston
  • David Gibson

Further great news received at the weekend that 3 of our teams also qualified for round 2 of the game development competition. R.A.N.D.O.M (again), Pringle Monkey, and OneManArmy are now in the last 100 teams (out of 400 entrants worldwide) who will compete to be the top 20 teams and hopefully the Paris final.

Pringle Monkey consist of:

  • James Burke (mentor)
  • David Gibson
  • James Dempsey
  • Niamh Scullion
  • Richard Paul

OneManArmy (of only has one member Smilie: :-) )

  • Mervyn McCrory

Congratulations to all students and good luck in the next rounds.

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