A new beginning?

I’ve been very keen on blogs in the past couple of years, though I haven’t been very successful at updating them. At UUC we have a games research blog and a student game development blog (both named creative computing) and I decided to use blogs as the focal point for these groups because – in theory – they would be refreshed more frequently than a more traditional website. I recently got round to setting up my own research home-site and I used an ASP.NET open source blog engine on my own hosted Windows server space, partly because I wanted to learn about the technology and have the option to modify the site in code. This WordPress blog “Play2Learn2Play” is hosted on a Linux based server which utilizes php and mysql. I wanted to learn about this technology as well Smilie: :-) but the idea also is that this site will host my research and teaching blog whereas darrylcharles.com will hold more static information about my work. Let’s hope I don’t end up with more blogs than posts Smilie: :-)

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