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Games development club

The Coleraine games club starts again today (Monday 29th Sept) and we will meet at 5pm in D075. This first meeting is for new students to meet existing students who are already making games, find out what we were up … Continue reading

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Shellshock Skirmish (Dream Build Play 2008 Entry)

Good luck to Richard Paul and his backroom team on his game entry into Microsoft’s Dream Build Play competition. It looks outstanding and it must have chance at one of the prizes.

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XNA 3.0 Beta now out

What else to say, except go get it, and install on top of XNA 2.0. Don’t forget to install Visual Studio 2008 Express or the full version (which is free to our students). I’m glad that they included an upgrade … Continue reading

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XNA 3.0 Beta due soon

Rumours that this will be out this week. Dangerous Dave knows exactly when but he can’t and won’t say!! I’ll be interested in looking into the media playing functionality and the new sound effect class will make life a bit … Continue reading

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Massively Multiplayer Online Quiz

In my education and games research over the past couple of years I’ve been looking at different ways to represent learners in to provide appropriate and motivating feedback.  We have been edging more and more towards systems of reward similar … Continue reading

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Embed Flash in XNA

Flash files embedded in your XNA games for cut scenes or fancy menus? BTW I’ve changed my XBox gamer tag from Dentreader (which was an accident!) to WeeReepicheep (which is deliberate!!). Darryl

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