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XNA 3.0 now Live

You can now rush over to the XNA Creators club website and install XNA 3.0 – lots of nice added features and now offering us an opportunity to make money with our games. Be sure to uninstall the XNA 3.0 … Continue reading

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Metaplace steps up a gear

I’ve been looking at Metaplace since alpha and I’ve been quite impressed with what they are trying to acheive with the product and how well things are going so far. Now things are looking even more promising after some further … Continue reading

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XNA, Community Games and the New Xbox Experience

Major Nelson has posted a video of an interview with XNA Community Manager Kathleen Sanders, which gives more information about how XNA’s Community Games will work with the new Xbox 360 Dashboard (known as the New Xbox Experience, or NXE … Continue reading

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Games, fun and sex but not necessarily in that order!

Koster has an interesting article on his blog in relation to what fun is with respect to games. Sex comes into the discussion – are we have fun because we are learning, and if so why is sex fun? … Continue reading

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This week’s game dev. talk

At our Monday’s games development group this week James Burke will be spending 10 or 15 minutes showing us how to get started with programming the wiimote for Xbox 360 games. James has programmed a few different games with XNA, … Continue reading

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Microsoft funding a “do games help us learn” project

Games based learning researchers will be keen to see how this new Microsoft project works out for school students in the New York area. As strange as it seems I’m not sure $1.5 million will be enough funding to do … Continue reading

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