Games of 2008

I’m posting James’ suggestions from our internal games club site to get the ball rolling:

Another year has almost passed and there’s been a shed load of great games, especially in the last few months. So whats everyones’ game or games of the year?

For me it has to be Fallout 3. I’ve already sunk about 20 hours into it (which may not seem like much but given a PhD student doesn’t have that much time to play games, is actually a lot of time) and absolutely loving it in the same way I loved and got immersed in Oblivion. Even though some people have complained about bugs and glitches, I’ve had a relatively flawless and enjoyable experience with it. The world is also rather stunning graphically, despite it having the 16 million shades of grey and brown palette (like Gears), but then again a post-apocalyptic world wouldn’t exactly be a festival of rainbow colouring.

Runner up for me would be Rock Band, having enjoyed a ton of fun alcohol-fuelled nights of it during the summer, and no doubt will be playing more it and Rock Band 2 over Christmas/new year. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to try Mirrors Edge / Fable 2 / CoD5 yet so can’t comment on these – they’re all on the Christmas to-do list though!

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