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I have a few things that I want to write a bit on, including quality games (or the lack of them) for 4-6 year olds, but lately been to busy to take the time to write something worth reading Smilie: :-) Maybe later!

Been a good period though. I’ve had abstract accepted for a game based learning conference in Austria and I’ve been doing a lot of background reading on virtual worlds in preparation for finishing the paper. This reading will also help for the journal paper that we have been invited to write on the back of the VS-Game 09 paper. Two of my PhD students are just finishing off their thesis write ups, so there is quite a bit of reading there too.

I was at an Apple devday in Belfast yesterday which was enjoyable – the numbers at this illustrated the buzz around iPhone development at the moment. Graham McAllister’s (University of Sussex) talk on game usability and the “vertical slice” was really interesting. His focus on player experience is very much in line with thinking at our group from all sorts of games research perspectives. I’ve just received funding to go to the Apple developer conference in San Francisco which I’m very excited about, though this will mean that I’ll have to fit in a crash prep. session on iPhone development before I go.

Oh! and there is my teaching … last two weeks of the teaching semester. Coursework due for marking … presentation of XNA games to sit through … excuses for non-submission to hear! Some my students games are shaping up to be excellent though, and one of the group games has got through to the 2nd round of the game development competition of the Imagine Cup 2009. I’ll post more details on these games at some time in the near future.

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