The purpose of a Reading week?

From the staff point of view a reading week gives us the chance to keep our head above water! To prepare for the last half of the semester, complete tasks that have been on hold for 5 weeks and for our school to schedule meetings and yet more tasks. This week I have been programming an XNA flocking example for my final years – finished it more quickly than expected. I’m calling the demo “Dancing on Mice” as it has a cat controlled by a player that feels like its skating due to the forces modelled in the simulation. The cat chases flocking mice (or rather cheese! because I couldn’t find a good mice animation!). Doing this reminds me of two things: one that you need to program algorithms from scratch in order to get a good understanding of them, and two that to be a good game designer you need to test your ideas in practice with a complete game.

This week I’m also trying to finish fixing a BJET hournal paper and read a PhD thesis for a viva (I’m internal examiner on an image processing PhD). Opps! I have a exam paper to write for 2nd years that is a few weeks late. Tomorrow I have a full day of placement job practice interviews. No pressure in my job at all Smilie: ;-)

The student view of a reading week seems to be that it’s a holiday! Perhaps a few see it as an opportunity to do coursework.

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