Metaplace RIP

I’m strangely depressed at the passing of the virtual world universe, Metaplace! It’s not as if Metaplace was a relative or that I had invested large sums of money in to it. Its not just me though and many seem to have had the same emotion – if the reading of the obituary-like responses to the official announcement are anything to go by. Its sad that something that was so different and that inspired so much creativity could not survive. Metaplace had ambitious goals, and it really worked as a concept! It makes me feel a little angry at the nature of the consumer market just now. I visualise the consumer zombie, mouth open like PacMan, wandering aimlessly and muttering “feed me! feed me!” The modern day entertainment junkie wants continual hits of pleasure, and they want someone else to construct the means to these experiences. I worry about the vicious circle that is in evidence today; consumer child wants junk food and the parental provider finds it easier to oblige than to educate and offer variety. I hope that Metaplace rises like a Phoenix from the flames, transformed into something worthy of the legend. In the mean-time I have to find a new virtual home, and in a more practical sense, I need to find another platform for my research and teaching.

Category(s): Games