Summer nearly over

A very eventful summer is almost over. It started with renovations to my house and converting our garage into a study and games/entertainment room. Two months of demolitions and building while we lived there was hectic but it feels worth it now, especially when I can now play Split Second and Final Fantasy in full HD on an 84″ data projector screen with surround sound blasting out! As much as I dislike the use of the word – it is awesome! I have been playing quite a few games, especially from XBLA and I may get time to comment on them another time. Limbo is really interesting and very funny in places – if you are into a dark sense of humour.

I spent three weeks in Australia and really enjoyed spending time in Sydney and Perth. I couldn’t resist buying an iPad in the Apple shop in Sydney and have been really enjoying using it over the past month, the 3G feature was really handy in Australia (we picked up a monthly pay-as-you-go sim). I may blog my thoughts on the iPad later but for now I can say that I love it for reading books and apps like Goodreader, eWallet, Nozbe, Evernote, and Dropbox are going to prove very useful in my work – organisationally.

Back at work again we have a paper accepted for the Interactive Digital Storytelling conference in Edinburgh with Richard – Im hoping to go to this in November. Chris is just back from the CIG conference where he just presented our paper on modular reinforcement learning, and I’m looking forward to hearing about that. Now I’m preparing for a new PhD student joining us next month – Barry Herbert will be looking at the use of 3D virtual worlds for supporting learning.

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