I’ve been trying out a few online games lately, including LoTR, Rift, and Eve. I have to say that I have found Runescape the most appealing to play at the beginning – its really improved since I last played it and I’d like to have a real go at it this time. LoTR is still good but I think its a little bit spoiled by the free-play approach, and it doesn’t quite do things quite as well as WOW. Rift is excellent, but it uses pretty much the same formula as all the other recent mmos – Conan, Aion, etc. I’ve gone back to Eve for the 3rd time in the hope that I can get into it this time before I have to stop playing again! I’m really waiting for a multi-player online game that uses dynamic stories and quests, and has a dynamic world like Minecraft or Love. Not that I’m asking for too much already but improved player interactions would help too!

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