HTML 5 and Casual Games

It’s hard to ignore the momentum that is gathering around the adoption of HTML5, despite the fact that it has not fully been implemented and adopted across browsers. It seems to me that the main driver is that it makes it easier to create cross-platform games and apps for smartphones and browsers (e.g. Facebook). Tools like phoneGap and appMobi make it much easier and quicker to create small casual games that can be updated without going through the various app stores. Microsoft have been pushing HTML 5 lately, surprisingly more than Silverlight, and have just released an Azure toolkit , which could be very useful for creating social games and apps based in the cloud. Google and Apple appear to be supporting HTML 5. However, a bit of a surprise, in a way, is the release of Adobe Edge , which could be described as an HTML 5 version of Flash! There are a few HTML 5 game engines out there at the moment including ImpactJS , which integrates with appMobi quite nicely, and I’ve just heard that GameMaker will also be able to create HTML 5 versions of games built within the toolkit.

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