iSpiral v0.3 game: Moodle powered Gamemaker:HTML5 game enhanced learning

The previous iSpiral gameplay video got a bit of interest so I thought I would put up some footage of the latest version of the game. As a reminder, this is a game that is launched from within Moodle and uses the Moodle student ID to associate the student with the game session and equip the space ship based on their class stats. Its an HTML5/Javascript game that has been built in GameMaker and exported to run within a browser. It works best in Chrome and we have not worked on making in fully compatible with other browsers yet. Its only a proof of concept for a larger project but we are learning a lot as we go. The game has not had the hand of an artist yet – only programmers so far – but we are planning to improve the HUD and have an artist rework some of the sprites and backgrounds. We may also get someone to provide new sound and music.

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