Streaming games research

Around 8 years ago we worked on a streaming games project at Ulster, which was too far ahead of the technology infrastructure for the results to be persuasive, and this year we have offered a new PhD project in the same area.

As a backdrop to this research I recently completed a 3 month trial with Onlive as a BT Infinity user. With this service I have been able to play games on my TV through a small Onlive console, and on my PC. I have found the quality very dependent on bandwidth (obviously) but the service on the whole has been stable. Unfortunately, I still think that new games are too expensive (e.g. compared to Steam and boxed media), which will slow take up, and the consistency in quality of service needs to improve before the steaming approach will replace disk and downloaded media – but it is coming (witness the recent difficulties of Game). To be fair, I’ve also been sampling Gaikai streamed games off, which takes a different approach. Gaikai is also surprisingly stable, however – from a completely subjective view – the image quality doesn’t seem to be as good yet.

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