PhD games research topics on offer at Ulster

Two of our games related PhD project proposals have gone live on the University of Ulster website:

Deriving Context-awareness in Quality of Service for Real-Time IP Cloud based Multiplayer Gaming


Motion and Camera Sensor Data Fusion for Personalised, Adaptive and Interactive Rehabilitation Connected-Health Systems

The 1st topic continues research by Stephen Workman and connects with state-of-the-art work currently being undertaken by Prof Gerry Parr and his group. In this PhD the student will investigate mechanisms for the enhancement of cloud-oriented streaming game services.

The 2nd topic moves on from successful PhD work of James Burke and other VR and games rehab research at Ulster. The particular focus of this PhD will be on the fusion of sensor information from motion and camera sensors to develop more personalized and adaptive physical rehabilitation interactive systems.

In the past we have offered machine-learning in games, intelligent interactive story-telling (MMO games context), and games enhanced learning PhDs that have been very successful. I would be interested in discussing future extensions to the work to suitably qualified and motivated candidates in the future.

Funding is available for suitably qualified candidates either from within Northern Ireland further afield (difference funding sources). Shortlisted applications are interviewed and after this process selected candidates are offered funding (conditional on meeting min. educational requirements).

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