Completed ICO … just took me 10 years and 6.5 hours!

I love this game, I bought it for the PS2 around 2002 and again for the PS3 (for the better graphics) in 2012. I’ve referenced it in my teaching often, but embarrassingly I hadn’t actually got round to finishing it. Ico is still playable after all this time, it has a perfect balance between puzzle solving, exploration, story and action. It ended quite abruptly but I enjoyed the end, particularly the bit where you get to play a little longer after the credits! I think a proper sequel could be fantastic and I think it could make for a nice indie-style movie, so long as they kept it about the three main characters.

I was sparked into action by Edge magazine’s readers games of a lifetime (see below). I have all of these games in the house (except Golden Eye). I agree that they are all good games and I would like to try and finish a few more before the end of the year – I hate unfinished games! I’ve already completed Portal, Bioshock (except the last boss!), Ico, The last of us, Halo, and RE4. A few like Dark Souls I’ll never complete and I’ve had enough of World of Warcraft.

20 – World of Warcraft
19 – Marjoa’s Mask
18 – Vice City
17 – Chrono Trigger
16 – Portal
15 – Red Dead Redemption
14 – Bioshock
13 – Ico
12 – The Last of Us
11- Dark Souls
10 – Super Mario Galaxy
9 – Metal Gear Solid
8 – Shadow of the Colossus
7 – Goldeneye
6 – Halo
5 – RE4
4 – Final Fantasy VII
3 – Half Life 2
2 – Super Mario 64
1 – Ocarina of Time

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