Coleraine game development students receive prize from Citi Group

We are fortunate at Coleraine to be supported by industry in many ways, including the provision of student prizes. Last week Mark McCormack, from Citi in Belfast, visited our campus to present the 2nd year mobile game development prize to Aaron Hutton and Adam Mackenzie. In presenting the prize in front of this year’s 2nd year group, Mark praised the quality of work and the level of creativity of all of the shortlisted students. He reaffirmed Citi’s support for work on campus and encouraged our current 2nd years to work towards this year’s prize.

Aaron and Adam’s winning game “Rescue the Princess; Save the World”, was designed and programmed  for Windows Phone 7 over 6-8 weeks as part of their “Game Design and Development” module coursework. The game provided interesting gameplay, a quirky aesthetic, and a fascinating theme/story-line.

The two other student games by Scott Irvine and Kyle Davidson that were shortlisted for the prize were also of a very high standard. All three games, with some further work, have the potential to be successful commercially.

UUC Game Development Teams in Top 20 in the World!

Two teams of computing students from the Coleraine campus have been placed in the top 20 teams in the world in the game development section of Imagine Cup 2008 in a competition which began with over 600 team entries from across the world. The Imagine Cup is a hugely successful international competition with over 100 000 participants from over 100 countries world-wide. Dr Darryl Charles who organises computing student competition entries through the Creative Computing student group on the Coleraine campus commented, “This is a remarkable success for our students in a very highly competitive international competition. Our students competed against teams from Japan, USA, Canada, Germany and many other countries with a strong pedigree for game development”.

Team 1 (Pringle Monkey) were James Burke (mentor), David Gibson, James Dempsey, Niamh Scullion, and Richard Paul. Team 2 (R.A.N.D.O.M) were Alan Turpin (mentor), Chris Hanna, and Debbie Mitchell. Short video clips of each “Sustainable Environment” themed games can be found on the following links:

R.A.N.D.O.M: “Mephitis Pyre

Pringle Monkey: “Future Shock

Imagine Cup 2008 Theme

UUC TeamUUC TeamLast year a C3 team from UUC obtained 2nd place in the Imagine Cup:

and we will be looking for enthusiastic students to participate in next year’s competition on the theme of “The Sustainable Environment”.

Contact Dr Darryl Charles or Dr Michaela Black for further detailUUC TeamUUC Teams.

Information on last year’s successful team can be found here.

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