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Stormy Portstewart

On the way home from work I stopped on Portstewart prom to watch the storm and the massive waves. Splashing over my car actually and here is a picture.

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Thoughts on the iPad

I have been using my iPad since I bought it in Sydney mid-July and on the whole I love it. The next version of it may have new, great features and competitors will be bringing other touch pad devices, but … Continue reading

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XNA Expert workshop

A good session to attend to help your imagine cup 2009 Games entry‚Ķ This message from Liam at Microsoft: Register for January 14 Live Session with Microsoft Experts Join us for an interactive Live Session on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 … Continue reading

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Games of 2008

I’m posting James’ suggestions from our internal games club site to get the ball rolling: Another year has almost passed and there’s been a shed load of great games, especially in the last few months. So whats everyones’ game or … Continue reading

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The world’s first video game now on video!

Nice footage of the first ever video game here For 10 points now can anyone name the first ever computer game (older than the 1st videogame)?

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This week’s game dev. talk

At our Monday’s games development group this week James Burke will be spending 10 or 15 minutes showing us how to get started with programming the wiimote for Xbox 360 games. James has programmed a few different games with XNA, … Continue reading

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